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Classification: cider, scrumpy, meat

Source: Neal Raisman ( Issue #933, 7/25/92

This is a recipe for a strong British cider called scrumpy. It is really strong. One glass and the world begins to glow. A second glass, makes it all go.

It is wonderful served cold when mature. I have let it sit for a year and it is quite fine.



Chop all ingredients. Then grind the apples and raisins. A food processor is helpful. Toss the ingredients into the water and stir. Add the yeast and seal the brew bucket with an airlock. Each day, stir the ingredients by swirling the ingredients in the closed bucket. After the first fermentation slows, about 8-10 days, move to a secondary fermenter. If you like a dry cider, add a second dose of yeast to the secondary fermenter. Seal with an airlock. Let sit until it the fermentation slows to a very slow, almost imperceptable bubble. Move to a carboy to get out more of the particulates. Let it sit for about a week and bottle.

The scrumpy will need to mature for about four months before you will want to even try it since it will give off a strong unpleasant smell and almost vinegary taste. The longer it is allowed to mature, the better, smoother and drier it will get.