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Sweet and Strong Still Cider

Classification: cider, sweet cider

Source: Mark A. Fryling (, HBD Issue #1435, 5/28/94

Definitely something to be enjoyed in moderation. It is however absolutely wonderful. The spices give it a kind of christmas-y feel that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy (or maybe thats the alcohol 8*). This would also make some absolutely WICKED apple-jack if someone were to freeze some of the finished product (though I would never advocate such irresponsible, illegal and dangerous behaviour ;-).

Ingredients: (for 3 gallons)


Dissolve sugar in cider (you can warm it to help the sugar dissolve) and add everything to your fermenter.

Fermeneted wildly in primary for about 2 weeks then took about 7 weeks in secondary to clear sufficiently to bottle. I dont remember what the abv works out to be on this stuff but its HIGH.