Cats Meow 3
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Big Bore Cider

Classification: cider

Source: Scott Bratlie (, r.c.b., September 20, 1995

I made a farely good and potent cider a couple months ago. It is modified from one that I got from The Cats Meow 3 called Sweet and Strong Still Cider.

Since then I have started to read the real cider and perry page and real cider is supposed to be made with ale yeast. Well next batch I'll try it this way.



I put all this into a carboy, no boiling or sulfites no nothing, lete site for two weeks, fermentation took about 50 hrs to start, racked to a secondary with spices going too. bottled about two weeks latter with 3/4 primming sugar (corn sugar). lete site for two more weeks (really needs 2 months to clear or maybe irish moss to help). Drink this stuff as cold as you can get it, but watch it'll get ya.