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Yuppy Guppies Alcoholic Lemonade

Classification: cooler, lemonade, lemons

Source: Matthew Sorell (, r.c.b., 4/25/95

I am currently brewing a batch, based on "Two Dogs", an Adelaide (Australia) brew from one of my old locals. I have made up the recipe and it needs some refinement, the recipe below is based on observations from the current batch, using 10 lbs of sugar and 24 lemons it's a bit thick, so for this recipe I've toned things down. The primary fermentation is now on day 9 and still going strong (as you'd expect with this much sugar).

As I said, a preliminary taste test on the weekend showed the result to be a little thick but the sugar is still fermenting and it could take a while yet. I will be happy to update anyone interested in the result. Does anyone know if I needed the yeast nutrient? I added this after reading Papazian's comments on making mead.



I boiled a gallon of water, added the sugar, lemons and ginger and let it go for about 20 minutes, added the yeast nutrient and then strained the hot wort into a glass carboy with cold water added to make up the volume, pitching dried yeast when cool, ie standard ale procedure. I use iodine sanitising solution for all equipment.