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Kvass I

Classification: kvass, rye, Russian kvass, black bread, ethnic brews

Source:, r.c.b., November 17, 1994

These are from the Old Country, so use at your own risk. When I was an undergraduate & Bud came out with the screwtop quart, kvass had a brief vogue, but real dark rye was hard to find!

Ingredients: (for 1 gallon)


Put bread in a tea towel & tie bundle securely with string. Put bundle in crock & pour in boiling water. Cover & let set until water is lukewarm. Remove bundle & let drip into clean pan. Pour drip water back into crock, making sure no bread is in the water. Add sugar, then yeast, stir & cover. Set in a warm place 10 to 12 hours.

There will be a slight yeast settlement. Pour the clear liquid into a jug & add raisins. Cork the bottle or put a lid on the jar, but not too tightly, or the cork will blow. Refrigerate for 5 days, then strain before serving. Yield will be about a gallon.