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Root Beer

Classification: soda, soft drink, root beer

Source: Keith McLeod (, r.c.b., 1/25/96

This recipe came out of an American book so it likely uses those small gallons. I haven`t tried this one yet, but I cant see any reason not to bottle it and will try it one day.



Burdock is a big leafed plant that grows abundantly in the country or in vacant city lots, but digging its roots will require a strong back. Rinse roots thoughly so that no dirt remains (discard the leaves). Cut the roots into pieces, place into a large pot with the corn, sassafras, and hops. Cover with 3 gallons of water.

Bring the mixture to a boil, cover the pot and allow to boil for 20 minutes.Strain into a large fermenting vessel and add enough additional water to make 5 gallons and add the sugar (specific gravity should be about 1.025 which should equate to an alcohol content of about 3% , and acceptable for root beer).

When the temperature of the liquid reaches 70 degrees stir in the yeast nutrient and stir in, then sprinkle the yeast over but do not stir. cover and let stand overnight.

Stir in the yeast, recover and allow to ferment for 2 days before chilling and drinking. The beer probably will not be clear by then, but should taste delicious.