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NA Beer

Classification: non-alcohol beer, low alcohol beer

Source: Wade Wallinger (, HBD Issue #1710, 4/20/95

My father is no longer able to consume alcohol, and has become quite the partaker of na beer. as a rule, the americans are again way behind the europeans in terms of quality. I wanted to homebrew a beer that he could drink AND enjoy.

Ingredients: (1 gallon)


I let this sit for about two weeks in a gallon jug with an airlock at room temp (about 70f) - no airlock activity. It took two weeks to 'clear' enough to comfort me that it was time to bottle. I used 1 oz corn sugar in 1/2 cup water to prime. OG was 1.010, FG was 1.009 (well within the repeatability of the test, I believe).

Well, my father visited for easter, and rated the beer to be as good as the european versions he has come to enjoy. A homebrewing buddy of mine also enjoyed the taste, and wants to make a batch for himself for the summer afternoons when he needs to retain his composure. The beer primed wonderfully. the only drawback is that the sediment does not become firm, and is difficult to keep from the glass when pouring from the bottle.