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Blue Ribbon 2

Classification: historical, 1970s

Source: Robb Holmes ( Issue #795, 1/6/92

This recipe also came from the mimeographed sheet of beer recipes provided by Premier Malt Products in the 1970's.



Dissolve malt syrup and sugar in 2 quarts of hot water. Pour into crock and add 18-20 quarts of cold water. Mix yeast in lukewarm water (70F). With wooden spoon, gently stir into malt and sugar mix. Cover with clean cloth and ferment at room temperature (68-70F). Skim off foam for first 3 days. Fermentation is complete when no more bubbles appear (about 4 or 5 days). If tester or hydrometer is used, be sure red line is at surface. Gelatin may be used to settle yeast. Dissolve two small envelopes of Knox gelatin in hot water. Pour gelatin over top of brew in crock about a day before you plan to bottle.

Wash bottles and put scant 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in each, fill within an inch and a half and cap. Tip bottles upside down once and store upright in warm place (70-75F).

Things to watch: 1) If beer is cloudy or gritty, you disturbed the sediment by shaking or pouring too fast, 2) If beer tastes flat, you either bottled too late or did not allow it to age long enough, 3) If beer foams up or tastes airy, you bottled too soon.