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Pumpkin Ale

Classification: historical, 1700s, pumpkin ale

Source: Thomas Manteufel, ( Issue #748, 10/25/91

An anonymous recipe for pumpkin ale appeared in the papers of the American Philosophical Society in February, 1771. The author notes that he obtained this recipe from someone who claimed this tasted like malt ale, with only a slight "twang". After two years in the bottle, this twang had mellowed to an acceptable level.

Receipt for Pompion Ale:

Let the Pompion be beaten in a Trough and pressed as Apples. The expressed Juice is to be boiled in a Copper a considerable Time and carefully skimmed that there may be no Remains of the fibrous Part of the Pulp. After that Intention is answered let the Liquor be hopped cooled fermented &c. as Malt Beer.