There have been several requests for information on the Party Pig lately. I have produced the following mini-FAQ to address that need. I'd like to state that I am in no way affiliated with Quoin Industrial Inc., and have no personal intrest in that company's performance.

October 28, 1996,


Q: What is the Party Pig?
A: The Party Pig is a low-volume "kegging" system for home brewing. It consists of a 2.25 gallon amber plastic bottle, a dispensing assembly, attachment hardware, carrying sling, and pressure pack. It is manufactured by Quoin, 401 Violet St., Golden, CO, 80401.

Q: How does it work?
A: Beer and primings are racked into the Pig. A pressure pack is inserted. The dispensing assembly is inserted. An external source of pressure is attached to the dispensing spout (this can be a CO2 tank, or a handheld bulb pump, which is available from the manufacturer). The pressure activates the pressure-pack, which contains citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. The pressure pack begins to inflate, keeping the beer under a constant 15-20 PSI. Air is bled off, and Pig and contents are left to condition. As the beer is dispensed, the pressure pack continues to inflate, maintaing pressure on the beer.

Q: Yeah, but *how does it work*?
A: Pretty well, but not perfectly. It dispenses very slowly, making it hard to develop a good head. It also tends to be undercarbonated, though this may be a normal level of carbonation for cask-conditioned beer. (This is with the maximum amount of priming sugar recommended by the manufacturer). It does stay consistantly fresh tasting and carbonated throughout the entire batch. It has a tendency to dribble, which I deal with by putting a sponge under the spout. It can be kind of tough to get the mounting hardware into place without someone to help, but it's a *lot* less work than bottling.

Q: How does it compare to other kegging systems?
A: It's a lot less expensive than a Corneilius keg system. Other than that, I don't know. I don't use another system.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: As of August 20, 1996, ordering direct from the manufacturer $64.75 would buy you a Party Pig kit, a bottle filling support, an activation pump, and three extra pressure pouches (the pig comes with 2). The Party Pig kit itself, which includes bottle, carrying sling, hardware, and two pressure pouches, costs $38.00.

Q: Where can I get them?
A: Many homebrew shops carry them. Call your local dealer to find out. Also, you can contact the manufacturer at the address above, or at (303) 279-8731.

If you have additional information on the Party Pig, send it to, and it will be incorporated into future versions of this FAQ.