Dry Ale Yeasts

Coopers Ale Yeast
Good to very good reputation. The Coopers is quite fruity fermented at 65F. It's not phenolic at all and all the flavor is a very clean fruitiness.
Glenbrew Special Ale Yeast
Specially designed for use in "all malt" beers. Contains a special enzyme to obtain extremely low terminal gravities.
Doric Ale Yeast
Ok to very good reputation.
Edme Ale Yeast
Starts quick. Produces some fruity esters. Attenuative. Good reputation
Lallemand Nottingham Yeast<,/dt>
This yeast is remarkable for its high degree of flocculation. It settles out very quickly and firmly. Very good reputation. Quick fermentation at 62F. It's very clean and only very slightly fruity in the keg, but tastes/smells nutty in the bottled version. Nottingham appears to be relatively attenuative (more so than the Coopers).
Lallemand Windsor Yeast
Produces a beer which is clean and well balanced. This yeast produces an ale which is estery to both palate and nose with a slight fresh yeast flavor. Very good reputation. Not as quick as the Nottingham. Definite banana smell at racking.
Munton-Fison Ale Yeast
Starts quick. Produces some fruity esters. Attenuative. Fair to good reputation. It is reported that a phenolic taste is no longer a problem due to some strain changes.
Red Star Ale Yeast
This brand had a very bad reputation in the past, and for a while production was suspended. A different strain (AHY 43391) was selected by the company and is now being sold as Red Star Ale Yeast. The new strain is much improved! Reports from Dr. Fix, a brewer's yeast consultant, suggest that this is an excellent general purpose ale yeast with a clean taste. Apparent attenuation 76-78%.
Whitbread Ale Yeast
Fast starter. Distribution switched to Crosby and Baker with a change in the yeast. Very good reputation despite past quality problems.