Mead Yeast

Yeast Lab M61 Dry Mead
Very alcohol tolerant, ferments dry, fruity and clean, yet leaves noticeable honey flavor and aroma.
Yeast Lab M62 Sweet Mead
This strain has reduced alcohol tolerance, therefore produces a very fruity, sweet mead with tremendous honey aromas.

Wine Yeast

Lallemand Lalvin Wine Yeast S. Bayanus.
Good reputation.
Red Star Pasteur Champagne Yeast
Very attenuative. Good for mead. Good reputation. Popular yeast for Imperial Stouts and Barleywines due to it's high tolerance for alcohol. Some use it by itself, others pitch Pasteur after their chosen beer yeast poops out.
Wyeast 3021 Prise de mousse Champagne Yeast
Institute Pasteur champagne yeast race bayanus. Crisp and dry, ideal for sparkling and still red, white and fruit wines. Also can be used for Barley wines. Optimum fermentation temperature: 58 deg. F (14 deg. C).
Wyeast 3028 Wine Yeast
French wine yeast ideally suited for red and white wines which mature rapidly. Enhances the fruity characteristics of most wines. Optimum fermentation temperature: 72 deg. F (22 deg. C).
Wyeast 4007 Wine Yeast
Malo-lactic culture blend isolated from western Oregon wineries. Includes strains Ey2d and Er1a. Excellent for high acid wines and low pH. Softens wines by converting harsh malic acid to milder lactic acid. Can be added to juice any time after the onset of yeast fermentation when sulfur dioxide is less than 15 ppm.
Yeast Culture Kit M06
From Montreal, Canada. VSU: Barley Wine (Champagne).