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Software Library

This page contains various software programs for various types of computers. Software is organized by platform and function. PostScript files are also provided for various types of worksheets. Authors of new software are invited to submit their files for inclusion on this list...use the e-mail link at the bottom of this page. Information about common archive file formats is available.

Notice: This software is provided without warranty or guarantee. Support is provided only by the original authors according to their own terms and conditions. All software is provided strictly on an "as is" basis. We recommend using virus scan programs on any executable file obtained on the Internet.


Michael Gerholdt's comments on PC software are available
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Recipe Formulation and Logs


    MS Windows

    Recipe Formulators and Logs

    HBD Browsers

    Information Resources and Databases

    Water Chemistry Calculators

    Hop IBU Calculators

    • Tinibuw, IBU calculator for hopping, by Pat Anderson, based on formulas from Glenn Tinseth and algorithm by Dave Draper

    Mash Temperature Calculators

    • Mashcalc by Pat Anderson
      Freeware infusion mash temperature calculator that will tell you how much water at what temperature is needed to mash in or boost to a target mash temperature.

      Competition Software

        MS DOS

        Recipe Formulators and Logs

        Beer Tasting Logs


          • Brewer's Little Helper: (formerly known as "BrewNIX"), by Richard Procassini
          • AALoss

          PostScript Forms and Worksheets

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