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Mittelfrueh Brew

Classification: pale ale, extract

Source: Jeff Hewit (, HBD Issue #1749, June 5, 1995

I recently brewed a batch of ale using the Mittelfrueh hops I received from Boston Beer. Some previous postings described brew hopped with Mittelfrueh as unpleasantly "earthy." I have just tried my batch, which I bottled just two weeks ago, and would also describe the aroma and flavor as "earthy." However, I am very pleased with my batch, and I hope I can control my imbibing so it will have the opportunity to age before it's all gone. For anyone who's interested, here's my recipe.



Steep grains with gypsum @ 150 deg F for 30 minutes. Add Irish Moss whenever you think it should be added. Ferment in primary for about 1 week, transfer to secondary and add dry hops. Bottle after a few more weeks ( I waited 3).