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Cooper's Sparkling Ale Clone

Classification: Adelaide sparkling ale, Cooper's Sparkling Ale, pale ale, all-grain

Source: Michael Hoopes (, r.c.b., 12/2/95

I just formulated a recipe ("almost clone") for an Adelaide Sparkling Ale . I based it upon the known OG and hopping schedule for Coopers Sparkling; I added black malt and Crystal 60L to give it some of the character it used to po ssess back when they blended stout with the golden ale. The yeast is probably t he most important factor; I believe you can culture from a bottle of Coopers or use YeastLabs A01 (they're the same). My recipe is partial mash, with 1 l b. of Belgian candi sugar (added to the boil or as a prime for the secondary) a nd 1 lb. of pale DME.