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Munich Lager

Classification: lager, pale lager, Munich helles, all-grain

Source: Patrick Murray (, HBD Issue #1600, 12/9/94

I'm fairly new to all grain brewing, this is about my 8th batch. I've always used a simple infusion mash but I just finished a batch recently using a decoction mashing procedure and was extremely impressed with the results. Its my own twist on a Munich lager and thought I would share it with you.



I used the decoction mashing procedure found at in the allgrain.faq. I tested the gravity before boiling and was just shy of 1.050 (what I was aiming for) so I added the 3 cups of DME to bump it up. I added 1oz of the hops at hot break and the rest just 5 minutes before the end of the boil. I did make a starter for the yeast and fermentation was done on the 5th day. I racked it to secondary and lagered for 2 weeks. Filtered, carbonated, relaxed and enjoyed!