Cats Meow 3
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Red Bock

Classification: bock, lager, partial-mash

Source: M. Marshburn (M.Marshburn/, HBD Issue #1618, 12/30/94

I brewed a partial mash red bock. It's fermenting happily away in my garage. This is my first brew using one of the high AA hops, Eroica 1oz, as boiling hops. I added increments and finish of homegrown tettnang 2oz total. Regrew a thick slurry of bavarian pils yeast from a real good red lager I made in Sept. My hydrometer slipped and busted on the garage floor, so no readings. I'll let it ferment till the 31st, rack to secondary and place in the fridge for 6 weeks. By then maybe I'll have replaced the hyro and start taking readings.



3 step mash, added LME to hot sweet wort, brought to boil, added boiling hops. Wort tasted great before pitching, was pale red in color. I'm expecting great things from this brew. The hop schedule may not be to style, but it was all I had.