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Oktoberfest Ale

Classification: pale ale, vienna lager, oktoberfest, all-grain

Source: Spencer Thomas (, HBD Issue #2174, 9/5/96

A proper Oktoberfest takes several months lagering. But if you're attempting an "ale clone", then something like this should work



Steep crushed crystal malt in 1 gallon of hot (160F) water for at least 30 minutes, and strain into boiling kettle.

For a full-volume boil, use the hopping schedule shown. For a 1/2-volume boil, double the first two hop additions.

Use a neutral ale yeast (e.g. Wyeast 1056), make a starter and ferment cool (65-68F) to minimize esters.

After bottling and conditioning, keep it in the fridge near 32F for as long as you can before drinking.