Cats Meow 3
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Weizen? Why Not?

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, weissbier, extract, honey

Source: Jason Goldman (jdg@hp-lsd) Issue #359, 2/16/90

This beer was a bit cloudy and should have some Irish moss. I'm not really sure what the honey added to this beer (more experimentation is in order). However, it turned out so well that I won't omit it in the future. This was a very good extract-based recipe (it well nigh evaporated).



Make a 2-quart starter before brewing. Steep crystal and toasted barley in 4 gallons water for 40 minutes (use grain bags to make this easier). Add extract, honey and bittering hops. Boil wort for 1 hour. Remove from heat. Add finishing hops and steep 2 minutes. Chill and pitch yeast. After 3 days, rack to secondary. Bottle after 8 days.