Cats Meow 3
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Classification: wheat beer, weizen, weissbier, all-grain

Source: Darryl Richman ( Issue #186, 6/26/89

The hot break in the boil was the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen. It looked like egg drop soup. We took out a sight glass and grabbed a bit and the flocks were huge---as much as 1/2 inch in diameter.

Ingredients: (for 15 gallons)


This is a 15-gallon batch. Our beer was 50% malted wheat, 30% Munich, and 20% 2-row malt. Medium soft water was used with the addition of 10 grams CaCO4. Mash with 1-1/4 gallons water per pound of grain with rests at 120 degrees (1-1/2 hours), 135 degrees for 45 minutes, 148 degrees for 30 minutes, and 156 degrees until converted. 172 degrees for 15 minutes. We took our time with the sparge: 20 minutes to settle in the lauter tun, at least 30 minutes of recycling, and 1-1/2 hours to sparge. We cut it off at a gravity of 1.015 because we weren't getting sweetness, just grainy notes.