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Blow Me Away Holiday Ale

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, holiday ale, honey, extract

Source: Steve Conklin (...!uunet!ingr!b11!conk!steve) Issue #319, 12/8/89

This beer turned out very well. It has just a hint of the allspice, more in the aroma than the flavor, and is quite sweet tasting. There is a slight bitter hops aftertaste, but I think that if it were any less bitter, the sweetness would be overpowering. This beer will bring color to your cheeks. The spice can be omitted with no great loss.



Steep grains in 2 gallons water while heating to boil. Remove grains. Add extracts and honey. Boil 1 hour with boiling hops, add 1 teaspoon Irish moss at 30 minutes. Simmer allspice in water for 3 minutes, remove allspice and add water to primary. After fermenting, prime with corn sugar and bottle.