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Berliner Weisse

Classification: Berliner weisse, wheat beer, all-grain

Source: Aaron Birenboim, ( Issue #828, 2/20/92

Next time I will try something more like: 3--1/2 pounds pale, 1 pound wheat flakes, 2--1/2 to 3 pounds wheat malt, 1--1/2 ounces hallertauer IN THE MASH.

Some comments from the Unfermentables (Denver area brew club):

Many commented that the sourness was in fact different from the usual sour mash. Different, but not necessarily better or worse. All said the beer was clean, which is unusual for sour mashes, a good point for my technique.

Most said the souring (caried out to pH 3.4) was about right on, although I found it to be a bit too sour for my taste.

Most said the hop level was about right on (1 oz. hallertauer boil).

The only consistent criticism was a grainy flavor. This could be due to many things. It may just be that letting the GRIST sour extracted something nasty from the husks, etc. My fix for that problem would be to sparge, then sour the LIQUOR with pills ONLY, no raw grain.

Another souring method I'd like to use is a prolonged acid rest in the mash (like 3--5 days at 90 F). One fellow said the best sour mashed beer he had was made with this technique.

Another guy said a brewery in Germany pitched pure Lactobacillus Delbrueckii along with a standard ale yeast.



This was a beer soured a la Papazian, except that I added some acidopholis capsules to the souring mash. I believe that most of the souring was due to the bacteria in the capsules.