Cats Meow 3
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Australian RedBack

Classification: wheat beer, weissbier, weizen, all-grain

Source: Allan Wright, ( Issue #834, 3/2/92

I was modeling this beer after the Austrailian wheat beer RedBack.



My primary ferment started in 1 hour and was surprisingly vigorous for 36 hours. It finished in 48 hours. It has been fermenting slowly for 5 days and now has stopped blowing CO2 through the airlock at any noticeable rate (less than 1 bubble every 3--4 minutes) I took a hydrometer reading last night and it read 1.018. This seems high for a F.G. in comparison to my other beers of the same approximate S.G.

The last 1/2 ounce of hops was put in a strainer in a funnel and wort strained through it on its way to the carboy, as described in Papazian. A blow-off tube was used.