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Day After 1040A Wheat

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, extract, weissbier

Source: John Devenezia (devenzia@ Issue #879, 5/12/92

I have a delicious wheat beer coming out of the bottle right now and I thought with summer here y'all might want to give it a try. This beer is the best I've made so far and is also the first I've made with liquid yeast. Draw your own conclusions, but I know I will be using the liquid stuff from now on. The taste is hard describe; flavorful and slightly sour like a wheat beer should be, with a nice hop to it. It has a medium alcohol content.

This wheat beer was so good I'm going to make a variation of it for my next batch. It will be a raspberry wheat beer and I'll be adding about 4 pounds of berries to it.



Put 2.5 gallons of cold, filtered water into pot. Added malted wheat (in muslin bag) to pot and brought the water to 180 degrees. Steeped the wheat for 30 minutes. Removed bag of wheat and brought the water to boil. Added malts and boiling hops to pot and let boil for 60 minutes. Turned off the heat and added finishing hops. Force cooled the wort in an ice bath and put into primary fermenter. Added cold water to fermenter to bring the water level to 5 gallon mark. Pitched yeast.