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American Wheat

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, all-grain

Source: Dan Morey (, HBD Issue #1351, 2/17/94

In this recipe, wheat made 27% of total grist. I would note that this beer was fermented warm (77F). The beer was very tart and had hints of cloves in the nose. I have also made an *American Wheat* (about year and a half ago) with wheat making 43% of the grist, fermented with Nottingham dry ale yeast at cooler temperatures (62F). This beer had the very same characteristics, tart with a hint of clove! I still beleive that the yeast plays the greatest role in producing this clove character, but I believe that the wheat plays a large role in this flavor than generally accepted in homebrew circles. One final note, a group of brewer's in my homebrew club did a not so scientific study of the affects of yeast. One yeast, EDME dry, produced a wheaty characteristic (though the beers brewed where not wheat beers).