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Al's Amber Wheat Beer

Classification: wheat beer, extract

Source: Allan Wright Jr. (, HBD Issue #1166, 6/21/93

This recipe produces an excellent summer beer. Light in body, but with a nice hop Flavor and nose to make it enjoyable to drink. I also use this as the base for my fruit beers. With 5 lbs. of blueberries added to the secondary it is truely special!



Remove 1 1/4 cup of wheat malt and save in zip-lock bag for priming.

Bring 1.5 Gallons water and Malts to a boil. When boil starts fully set your stove timer (watch, hourglass, whatever) to 45 mins. For leaf hops I don't use a hop bag, you can if it makes you feel good.

45 Mins: Add Boil Hops - 1.0 oz.
15 Mins: Add Irish moss - 1 tsp.
10 Mins: Add Flavor Hops - .25 oz.
2 Mins: Add Aroma Hops - .25 oz.
0 Mins: Pour through strainer and funnel(with strainer) directly int o carboy with 2+ gallons of cold water as quickly as possible. Fill to top with more cold tap water. swirl carboy to mix hot and cold evenly. Pitch yeast.