Cats Meow 3
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Classification: wheat beer, weizen, all-grain

Source: Don Hatlestad (, HBD #1876, 11/6/95

In my usual fasion, I brewed a weizen without ever having tasted a German weizen or weisbier. The taste of it was so surprising that I ran out and bought a bottle of Ayinger Brau-weisse just to see if the taste was close. As it turns out, my weizen was somewhat similar with some exceptions. Mine is a little big, a lot more malty, a little under carbonated (though not much), and a tiny bit sweeter. Mine was similar in that it has just as much banana and clove aroma as the Brau-weisse and I got the hops just right.

The primary fermentation of this beer was so vigorous that it clogged the airlock and blew the lid off of my plastic-bucket primary. I've never needed a blow-off tube for my plastic ferm before.

I got such surprising results from this weizen that I thought I would pass along the recipe.



My water is moderatly soft; added 2 teaspoons of gypsum to the mash.

Mash schedule: 40 minutes at 50C; added an infusion to raise to 60C, rest for 15 minutes; added heat directly to raise to 70C, rest for 60 minutes; raised temp to mash-out.

Primary ferment 7 days at 21-22C. Secondary ferment at 20C for 12 days. Force carbonated in the keg to 2.7 volumes of CO2.