Cats Meow 3
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Classification: wheat beer, weizen, extract

Source: Larry Johnson, (, r.c.b., 11/9/95

If you're interested in an extract recipe, this is the easiest, best beer I ever made.

Everyone who's tried it can't believe the story of how hot it fermented, because it was great! Gonna try it again next year, but the spousal unit sez the AC ain't goin' off for no beer. Ah, well; so it goes....



Make a 500 ml starter several days ahead. Give yourself a week to get the slant stepped up to this level.

Steep the malts in 1 gal water @ 170 F for 20 min. Remove grains and add extracts. Stir until dissolved, then bring to a boil. Add 1oz hops. Boil 30 minutes, add remaining hops (0.5 oz). Remove from heat. Chill and pitch yeast. Ferment - NOW HEAR THIS - at 75 to 80 F. At this point (8 days in the primary; just had racked to the secondary) my air conditioner broke. We had just packed up to leave for a week in Florida, so I left it. Middle of July in GA - no AC. It stayed in the primary for 12 days. It bubbled furiously for most of the 20 day fermentation. I bottled it and started drinking it in 2 weeks. Delicious!