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PMS Stout

Classification: stout, extract

Source: Lisa Clayton (, r.c.b., 5/17/95

I realize this has been done to death, BUT I'd like to make a really killer, dark chocolate, so thick you could almost pour it on top of the ice cream, PMS-bustin' depression relievin' Chocolate Stout.

I've been doing some research, but I am by no means an experienced extract homebrewer, but here's what I've come up with.



Steep the chocolate malts for 30 min. in 2 gal. water at 170 degrees. Sparge with 2 quarts of water, remove. Add crystal & black patents and bring to boil, sparge. Add extract, boil for 1 hr., during last 30 minutes add the hops, during last 10 add oatmeal (longer?) and hop bag full of cocoa. Sparge cocoa with a few ounces of water, then do the usual-- strain, cool, add yeast, etc.