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Melbourne Stout

Classification: stout, extract

Source: Robert Balch (, r.c.b., 9/3/95

I have made it twice with good success.

This is sipping beer, it gets its bitterness from the roasted barley and the fuggles. And its sweetness from the australian malts.

I swear this beer is both sweet and dry at the same time!

Ingredients: (5 gallons)


In a hop sock steep the roasted barley and light crystal malt as you bring your brew kettle to a boil. Baby it, try to get every drop of flavor from the steeped grains.

Before the boil begins remove the steeped grain (the husks can release unpleasent tannins if left in when boiling).

Remove pan from stove and add the malt extracts. let dissolve and then bring the wort back to a boil for one hour. At 60 minutes add the fuggles. at 30 minutes add the goldings.

I start at about 1.050 and end around 1.015.