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Classification: stout, extract

Source: Nimbus Couzin (, r.c.b., 5/16/96

I've used roastaroma to make a nice xmas stout a couple years back. I must admit that I dont' remember how closely I followed the recipe.

It turned out quite well, thought the spices were a bit subdued. I would use more if I were to try it again. So , assuming I followed directions (maybe not the best assumption, but I probably would've for the spice quantity) increase the papazian recommendation.

Quite a nice stout. A little on the sweet side, some spice aroma, but only a wee bit in the flavor.

Hoppy, full-bodied, a sipping stout After two months, "pretty fine; nice aroma and spicing. Smooth, not overly strong - spices reminiscent of Anchor xmas. I'd make this one again. Perhaps a touch bitter, but mellow enough to enjoy. I wish I had more."

OK.. those comments make is sound pretty yummy. Long gone tho.. I remember the spices faded with time, so maybe in the first few months they were close to correct in the above quantity..

five gallon batch, by the way..