Cats Meow 3
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Dextrinous Porter

Classification: porter, all-grain

Source: Peter Klausler ( Issue #177, 6/16/89

My mash temp was too high, as I misjudged the quantity of strike liquor and the mash spent a lot of time in the 160-170 degree range before I brought it down to 154 degrees. Conversion was good (1.048 for 5 gallons), but now after fermentation slowed to 1 bubble every 2 minutes, the gravity is 1.024. I suspect there's nothing I can do to turn this sweet porter into the dry porter I intended so my question is, "Is there some style I can claim to have intended in the first place?" I guess I need some level of plausible brewability.



Mash grains. Add boiling hops and boil 90 minutes. Dry hop with 1/2 ounce Cascade.