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Mocha Java Stout

Classification: stout, dry stout, Irish stout, coffee, extract

Source: Guy McConnel (ingr!b11!mspe5!guy@ uunet.UU.NET) Issue #814, 1/31/92

The "Monte Sano blend" coffee is a mild coffee (sorry I can't remember exactly which coffees are blended to make this) that I buy locally in a coffee store. I wanted something mild for the first attempt so as not to overdo it. This beer turned out wonderfully black and the chocolate and coffee come out nicely in the aroma and flavor. In spite of the oils in the chocolate, it has a rich, creamy head that stays with it until the bottom of the glass. The low hopping rate is due to the fact that both the coffee and the chocolate add to the bitterness and I wanted their aromas to dominate this beer. It has been well received by all who have tried it. I called it "Three Passions Stout" because three of my favorite tastes (from the world of food and beverages anyway) are chocolate, coffee, and stout---not necessarily in that order. I have set aside two six-packs of this to see how well it ages (if I can leave it alone, that is).



Brew coffee using 2 scoops coffee to 12 oz. cold water. Steep flaked barley and cracked black patent for 45 minutes. Bring 1.5 gallons water to a boil in brewpot, sparge in grains, and add extract and boiling hops. Boil for 50 minutes. Add chocolate and flavoring hops and boil for 10 more minutes. Remove from heat and carefully stir in coffee. Cool and pour into fermenter containing 3 gallons cold (pre-boiled) water. Pitch yeast. Rack to secondary when vigorous fermentation subsides. Bottle with 3/4 cup corn sugar.