Cats Meow 3
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Oatmeal Cream Stout

Classification: stout, oatmeal stout, Young's Oatmeal Stout, all-grain

Source: Chris Shenton ( Issue #929, 7/21/92

We did a taste test against Youngs Oatmeal Stout, Sam Smiths Oatmeal Stout, and Watneys Cream Stout. It came out tasting very similar to Youngs: same hop character, a little heavier, sweeter, and slightly less roasty; a bit lighter in color (brown/red vs. brown/black). It was not as rich tasting and full-bodied as the Sam Smiths. It was not as roasty or burnt as Watneys, nor as jet-black. Next time, I would reduce the OG to about 1.050 to reduce alcohol a bit, but add some dextrin malt for improved body. I'd aim a little more toward the Watneys, as it's one of my all-time faves: slightly less lactose, but more roasted malt.



Mash with 5 gallons 18 oz (48 oz/#) at 155-150F for 90 minutes. Sparge with 3 gallons water at 165F, collecting 6.5 gallons for boil. Boil 75 minutes, then force chill. Save 2 quarts boiled wort for priming, ferment the rest.