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Oatmeal Stout

Classification: stout, oatmeal stout, all-grain

Source: Larry Barello (polstra! Issue #929, 7/21/92

This stout has a smokey aroma---probably due to the large amount of roast barley. Even though it has a lot of hops, it seems balanced. I think that Oatmeal makes the resulting beer quite sweet. If served too cold (say 45 or below) it will be quite bitter. At 50-55 it is like nectar. Sip, sip---writing this article gave me a thirst so I opened up a bottle. Mmm, good stuff.



Treat 7 gallons water with 5 grams gypsum and 1 gram chalk.

Mash in with 8 quarts 137 F. water, target temperature 123. After 30 minutes, step with 5 quarts boiling water, target temperature 154. Conversion is done in 20 minutes or so. Mash out at 168. Sparge with remaining water to collect 6 gallons. Boil 60 minutes with Chinook hops. Chill, pitch with dry Whitbread yeast.