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Maple Syrup Stout

Classification: stout, maple, extract

Source: Robert Nielsen ( Issue #983, 10/5/92

Tasted good at bottling, although the maple flavor was masked by the "greenness" of the beer. It took a few weeks to age, but then the sweetness and light flavor of the maple syrup was perfect.



Place the grains in 150 water, steep for 1/2 hour.

Remove grains.

Add extract syrup.

Bring to boil, and add hops.

I boiled for a full hour, adding the Maple syrup during the last five minutes of the boil, like a finishing hop. I didn't want to boil off the maple aroma.

Ferment took place at about 65 degrees. this stuff fermented fast! I racked to the secondary in 48 hours, and then bottled five days later.