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Full Figured "North-of-the-Border" Porter

Classification: porter, all-grain

Source: Jon Higby (unisql!, HBD Issue #1431, 5/24/94

Just wanted to share my most recent recipe. It came out absolutely wonderful. It will bring tears to you eyes and inches to your waist!

Absolutely wonderful. Very, very full body. Chocolate malt comes thru nicely. Nice balance between hops and sweetness. Great creamy head (brown color). Head and mouthfeel of a Guiness, taste of a porter. Best beer I've ever made! Sure am glad I made 8 gallons of this one!

Ingredients: (for 8 gallons)


Single temp infusion mash of 2-row pale only @ 155F for 90 minutes. Added remaining grains to mash-out. Added DME & dark brown sugar at beginning of boil.

Split between 2 carboys and added 1 gallon water to each. Fermented out in 3 days. Left in carboy for total of 13 days before kegging and force carbonating.