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Spread it on Toast Imperial Stout

Classification: stout, Russian imperial stout, extract

Source: Al Korzonas (, HBD Issue #1078, 2/16/93

I've gotten several requests for the recipes with which I've won awards. I believe all but the Imperial Stout and Dubbel-style have been posted. I won't post the Dubbel-style, since I don't agree with the judges -- I thought the beer was quite a bit worse than they did.

This Imperial Stout is less alcoholic than many others I've had -- this is partly due to the fact that the Laaglander extract is not very fermentable. The Laaglander is also partly responsible for the high FG. This is a very creamy, smooth beer.



Steeped grains at 170F for 15 minutes in grain bags. Fermented at 65F. Bottled with 1/2 cup boiled corn sugar.