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Independence Cherry Porter

Classification: porter, extract, cherries

Source: Elaine Boris (EBORIS@UGA.CC.UGA.EDU), HBD Issue #1232, 9/23/93

I was very pleased with the sample I had this weekend. The only problem is that the carbonation is low, and no head to the beer. There is enough so that you wouldn't call it flat and it stays carbonated even with a slow sipper like myself.

I used cherry extract (w/pits, unpasteurized) because several HBDers suggested it and also the available cherries looked unwholesome. I started with 8 oz that I added to the primary fermenter, but when I racked to the secondary and sampled a little, it had no cherry flavor so I added 8oz more. Now the cherry flavor is there but subtle

Ingredients: (for 4 gallons)


I steeped the crushed grains 45 min in 150 degree water and then sparged with warm water into my brew kettle. I had a vigorous fermantation going about 5 hours (that evening when I checked) later. I racked to the glass secondary after about 4 days, bubbling had slowed but not stopped and then bottled about 9 days after that.