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Sierra Nevada Porter

Classification: porter, Sierra Nevada Porter, all-grain

Source: John Palmer (, HBD Issue #1361, 3/1/94

Here is my all-grain recipe for Sierra Nevada Porter. I got the ingredients and amounts straight from the brewer during a tour there. Dividing by 500 gave me the following recipe.

Ingredients: (for 6 gallons)


80 minute mash at 153F.

I brewed this, and after 3 wks in the bottle is it quite good. I currently have a Panel of Expert reviewing it, and when he tries it, we'll know more on how to tweek the recipe. Right now, I would say be careful of the Black Patent, and cut back on the Dextrin Malt to maybe a quarter pound. I think it has a bit too much of a sweet aftertaste. The Front-taste is fine, as is the Hop balance, though next time I want to pull back a couple of tablespoons of the Black Patent for my taste.

For you extract brewers, I would say to use 6-7 lbs of Pale Extract and use all of the specialty grains.