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Breakfast Barleywine

Classification: barleywine, extract

Source: Greg Winters (Greg.Winters@EBay.Sun.COM) Issue #961, 9/3/92

Delicious at bottling.

Six months later, only two bottles left. Probably should have let it age out for another six months, but it just wasn't meant to be... This was by far the best strong ale I have ever made. Color and taste is out of this world. I also found that it seems to fair better bottled in champagne bottles for some reason. Much smoother carbonation. Only problem is I have to find someone to split it with!



Primary ferment with the Belgian ale yeast, 1 week at 63F. (Very vigorous primary fermentation that took off within 12 hours).

Secondary ferment with the champagne yeast, 5 weeks at 66. Racked off trub and pitched champagne yeast. Not much activity. The Belgian must have done its trick. Still, some minor activity.