Cats Meow 3
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Fine Line Barleywine

Classification: barleywine, extract

Source: Jacob Galley (, Issue #967, 9/11/92

This recipe is an adaptation of Rob Bradley's "Russian Empirical Stout" from page 5--6 of Cats Meow II.

If I could do it all over again, I'd add more rosemary and quaff a few ith a venison steak. Rob Bradley had a very good idea when he didn't add finishing hops. The chicory and malt alone give a hell of a nose but Rob didn't use chicory).

By all means let it age a few months! Though it's wonderful after one month, it becomes heavenly, as I'm finding out tonight!

**Okay, okay, I know the original gravity is a little low for a barleywine (and on the roasty side too); so sue me. No matter what it is, this is the first brew I'm confident enough to enter in a competition, if there's enough bottles left by Xmas.



I used the standard "bring specialty malts to a boil" method, and boiled only about 3 gallons of wort in my crappy ceramic coated pot which is about to become a bath chiller.