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Blind Squirrel Barleywine

Classification: barleywine, extract

Source: Jack Dawson (JSDAWS1@PB1.PacBell.COM), Issue #1045, 12/30/92

This barleywine, which I've recently named "Blind Squirrel Barleywine" took a first place at the California State comps at Stern grove, SF this fall, and just recently won the AHA's first-ever barleywine competition. I call it blind squirrel because, it's the first brew I've ever done which has won anything.... which proves only that even a blind squirrel sometimes finds the acorn.



Primary fermentation - glass for 5 days at 65 degrees. Secondar in glass for 16 days at 65 degrees. Wort was boiled in 4 gal. pot (3 1/2 volume) with 2 gal. water added to primary fermenter.