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Bigfoot Jr.

Classification: barleywine, Bigfoot, all-grain

Source: Ed Kesicki (, HBD Issue 1120, April 15, 1993

Here is a recipe for a beer similar in flavor to SN Bigfoot Ale, although it is not quite as high in alcohol content. (OG of 70 compared to 95 for the real bigfoot according to M. Jackson). Let's say it's Bigfoot Jr. I wasn't attempting to make a clone, it just came out that way--maybe not surprising since I used the SN yeast. In fact, I had never tasted SN Bigfoot until after I had made this one, and I found the flavor very similar.

Ingredients: (for 4-1/2 gallons)


Mash in: 130 deg. F 12 qts water (San Diego tap water, boiled+cooled)
  • Protein rest: 125 deg F 30 min
  • Mash temp: 155-146 deg F 1.25 hr
  • Mash out: 170 deg F 5 min
  • Sparge: approx 4-5 gal @ ~ 170 deg F

    Total boil time of 1.5 hr, hops additions as noted above, chilled, racked off trub Final volume was 4.5 gal Fermented in glass, temp in the low 60's Farenheit, used primary+secondary. Two week fermentation

    Primed with 1/2 cup corn sugar, bottled 2.5 gallons like this, which became the Bigfoot Jr. The remailing 2 gal. was diluted up to 3 gal with water, then bottled after adding a little more corn sugar (~1or2 tbsp). This produced a very very good pale ale (Not at all bigfoot-like!) with a more civilized alcohol content.