Cats Meow 3
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Classification: dopplebock, all-grain

Source: Jon Higby (jonh@unisql.uucp), r.c.b., 2/4/94

I've had great luck with this one. This is one of those brews that gets better with age. It is also best cold lagered for 3+ months (if you can stand it). You also want to be sure to pitch tuns of yeast (i.e. use at least a 1 qt. starter, preferably 2 qts.)



Protein rest 125 (30 min), Mash 154(90 min), Mashout 168(10 min).

Primary @ 50F for 18 days (racked after 3 days). Diacital(sp?) reduction @ 64F for 2 days. Cold lagered @35-39F for 90 days.