Cats Meow 3
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Longhorn Fog Leg

Classification: barleywine, all-grain

Source: Greg Wolodkin (wolo@cory.Berkeley.EDU), r.c.b., 4/10/93

More work than a regular batch, but worth it once in a while.

Looking back, I think it would be possible to mash a few more pounds of grain and leave out the extract. Also I'm not sure the Cascades were the right choice for dry-hopping in this beer, but I'm sure they will fade with time. Right now it's two months old and I've only tasted one!! 47 bottles of beer on the wall...


Bittering hops (60 minute boil): Finishing hops (steep): Dry hop (in secondary, 2 weeks before bottling):


Mash water: 4 gallons
Mash-in: 130-121F for 30 minutes
Starch conversion: 150F for 2.5 hours
Mash-out: 170 for 5 minutes
Sparge: 4 gallons at 170F

Boil three hours total. Add extracts and hops with one hour remaining.

Primary fermentation: Kraeusen fell in 6 days.. your mileage may vary.

Secondary: Racking restarted fermentation -- next time I do this I will rack *and* splash going into secondary, since the gravity at this point was only down to 1.060. Beer stayed in secondary for about 6 weeks total.

Primed with 1/2c corn sugar.