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Winter Warmer

Classification: strong ale, extract

Source: Charles Castellow (, HBD 1164, 6/17/93

I thought that I'd try a "Winter Warmer". I thought about using some specialty malts, but figured anything they might add would be overwhelmed by the malt and alcohol.

This mades a very dark Strong Ale. I took this to the same friend's Christmas party this past year along with an extract/ specialty malt Christmas ale (spices, oranges, etc.) Once again, both were emptied. However, those who had thought the stout was too dark/heavy/chewy had no problem drinking this dark strong ale, which was quite dark and very potent!



Bring 5 gallons of water to a boil. Add syrups, stirring vigorously until dissolved to avoid scorching. Boil for 15 minutes, adding Irish moss for final 5 minutes. Cool. Strain into carboy. Pitch yeast. Rack to secondary after about a week. After two weeks, rack to 5-gallon keg. Force carbonate. Chill to cellar temperature and serve.