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Buzzy Beer

Classification: strong ale, all-grain

Source: Andy Malone (, r.c.b., 12/15/95

Here it is, my recipe for buzzy beer. It isnt terribly strong beer like a Old Ale but is drinkable a lot quicker and the buzz is terrific after three and just gets better.

Warning, I dont have a drinking problem...I havent run out of beer in a long time (grin).



Mash in and hold at 122-125 deg far for 1/2 hour, raise to 145 deg far for 1 hour. I use 11 1/2 qts water in mash. Sparge to 7-7.5 gal, boil 1 hour. You should have an OG of around 1.058 to 1.060 Use a very attenuating yeast, I use american ale, wyeast 1056 Primary ferment for 7 days, rack to secondary and let it sit another three to four days. Mine normally finishes at around 1.006.