Cats Meow 3
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Easy, Delicious Old Ale

Classification: old ale, strong ale, extract

Source: Todd W. Roat (, HBD Issue #1979, 3/8/96

Well, since the recipes have been disseminating insidiously on the HBD I couldnt resist posting me favorite (brewed every other batch). Most of the recipe was crafted by GlynnB from (forget his real name)....Thanks GlynnB

DESCRIPTION: Clean tasting Brown ale with great body, great head retension which settles like a good old ale after about 20 minutes, bready/yeasty mouth-feel, plenty of malt flavor and not as bitter as the hop schedule would suggest (though hops are noticable). VERY satisfying.



Mash grains at 148-158 degrees for 1 hour. Also works well with simple "steep in water until just before water boils method." I do a "quickie" sparge with about a gallon of 170 degree water ("quickie" meaning slowly pouring gallon of 170 deg. water over grain bag in a strainer - Sshhh, I think I heard an all-grainer gulp..:^). Bring to boil, add the extract and molasses (and honey if desired) and know the rest.

For a partial mash, this beer is simple and yielding. All variations have worked wonderfully (ie, with honey and without; with 8# Alexanders pale ale DMS; with 6# Williams Brewing pale DMS + 3# pale DME..etc.)