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High Altitude Barleywine

Classification: barleywine, strong ale, all-grain

Source: George Schamel (, r.c.b., 6/21/96

Here is an all-grain Barleywine that I did about three weeks ago. This is the best that I can remember since I don't have my notes with me. One more note, I live at 10000 ft so my bittering hops are about 30% higher than sealevel.



Mash in at 115 deg f hold 30 min; add boiling water and heat to 140 deg f 30 min; add heat to 156 deg f hold until conversion is complete. Sparge with 7 gal 170 deg f water for 60 min, collect approx 8 gal wort. Boil 60 min without hops, then boil another 60 minutes, adding hops according to times listed above. Immersion chill for 20 min to 72 deg f. Allow to settle for 30 min in boil pot. Split in to 2 2.5 gal batches. Add 0.7 liter wyeast british ale starter in 1.080 wort to each 5.2 gal final volume in carboys.